In this globalization process, the trade expension and worldwide cooperation between countries as well as enterprises are becoming necessary and developing strongly. To create favorable conditions for foreign citizens who desire to enter Vietnam can have information about the environment for investing, working or travelling without any unexpected risks, we have extended our legal consultancy services relating to immigration and residence for foreigners having need. Our consulting activities comprise:

  • Consult on conditions of entry and residence in Vietnam;
  • Consult on necessary documents that clients need to prepare when they have demand on time-limited residence in Vietnam;
  • Consult on types of visas, temporary residence cards that foreigners having need to enter Vietnam for work can be granted;
  • Complete dossier and represent foreign clients to implement related procedures.

Procedure of granting temporary residence card for foreigners

Under the provisions of the Vietnam Immigration Law, foreigners desiring to apply for temporary residence card valid for 1 to 3 years have to meet these following conditions:

Conditions of application for temporary residence card:

– Passport valid minimumly for 1 year;

– With the case of laborers who have Work permits: Work permits valid minimumly for 1 year since the expected time of application for temporary residence card;

– With investors: documents or materials proving that the investors have contributed capital or invested in enterprises in Vietnam (such as investment certificate or business license)

– Foreigners must have duration of temporary residence in Vietnam more than 1 year.

Who can apply:

– Investors who purchase shares or contribute capital to enterprises in Vietnam;

– Foreigners having work permit valid for more than 1 year;

– Accompanying relatives of those eligible for Vietnam temporary residence card

Required documents:

– Documents of agency, organization or person that invited or guarantee for the temporary residence card application;

– 01 declaration of information on the foreigner applying for temporary residence, with photos and sealed by the agency or organization;

– 04 color potrait photos size 3×4 cm;

– 01 copy of the valid passport, visa, immigration card (bring the original for comparison)

– 01 certified copy or photocopy of documents (bring the original for comparison) that prove the purpose of staying in Vietnam (Depending on the specific case: investment license, certificate of enterprise establishment, work permit, marriage certificate, birth certificate…)

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