Nguyen Quyet Thang

Before aceding to Vietlink Law Firm, Lawyer Nguyen QuyetThang has had over 8 years of work experience in many financial – real estate corporations and famous law firms such as: Hoang Minh law firm, Law Department of Nam Cuong Group, Ocean Bank, HAPACO fund management company. In the process of work, Lawyer Thang has participated in negotiating, signing contracts as well as representing enterprises to negotiate and settle disputes. Therefore, Lawyer Thang can assist clients to solve arising problems in the most effective way.

Lawyer Thang undertakes these specializations:

Consult on enterprise management; enterprise mergers and acquisitions; investment advisory; real estate; consult on transaction structure, drafting contracts, civil transactions and commercial business. Settle disputes on commercial business…

Some typical cases:

– Consult on legal procedure, drafting contracts, regulation of the Car Rental Exchange;

– Settle disputes ralating to business cooperation contracts in the field of real estate among investors. Represent enterprises in resolving disputes with their clients in the field of real estate. Draft contracts in construction and real estate business;

– Evaluate the legal status, draft contracts, carry out the administrative procedure in enterprise mergers and acquisitions…

Lawyer Nguyen QuyetThang graduated Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Economic Law – Hanoi Law University. He is also a member of Hanoi Bar Association, Vietnam Bar Federation

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