Luong Tuan Tu

Lawyer Luong Tuan Tu is a founder of Vietlink Law Firm. Before acceding to Vietlink, he has succeeded in being the Director of a law firm, Head of Law Department/Head of Debt retrieval Department/Director of the Legislation – Compliance Division of a big credit institution which owns strong brand. In the process of occupational activities, Mr. Tu is always a conscientious lawyer and has good work ethic. He has been granted merit certificates by Hanoi Department of Justice for achievements in legal aid activities in 2004 and 2006; commemorative badge for Justice Protector by Hanoi Bar Association  in 2010.

Lawyer Tu undertakes these specializations: Finance and bank, Stock and capital market, intellectual property, debt resolution, Real estate, M&A, litigation in civil and economic cases, commercial business

Work experience:

Legal consultancy

– Participate in legal consultancy for VnEconomy and its members in the process of activities;

– Participate in legal consultancy for Hanoi Post Office Construction JSC in the process of activities (consult on signing and implementation of telecommunication projects construction and installation contracts; signing and implementation of labour contracts; tax and financial obligations; company’s organization…) and deploying, trading departments in the project of condominium and office buiding on Lang Ha ward, Dong da district, Hanoi;

– Consult on disputes resolution, dept retrieval for some enterprises operating in the fields of construction, transportation, telecommunication such as: MobiFone, 75 Mechanical JSC of Vietnamese Ministry of Transport…;

– Consult on legal issues relating to assignment contract of bussiness and surface exploitation right between Hop Thanh mineral investment JSC and the My Dinh branch of Agribank in MITEC project on Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi;

– Protect right for Thien Viet Stock company in the dispute of office renting contract with Tan Long Ltd in the People’s Court of Hanoi…

Experience of Legislation/Debt retrieval in Techcombank

– Draft, negotiate – sign, control the contracts of assets purchase, procurement and installation of technological systems, basic construction investment contracts…; Consult on legal issues in the process of activities of Commercial Joint stock Bank; participate in creation, suggestion for some processes, regulations of a Bank about Information technology, labour and wages, processes on short-term loan products; customer care; information security…

– Create the documents systems, processes, regulations on management, administration and organization of Company such as: Company Charter; Regulation on executive management of the Company; Financial Regulation of the Company; Wages Policy; Property investment Process; Financial investment Process; Labor Regulation; The process on signing and terminating labor contract; Sabbatical Regulation; Regulation on Managing subsidiaries; Procurement Process…;

– Consider the legality, legal procedures of real estate purchasing and investment projects of Techcombank and Techcombank AMC Company.

Experience in being Deputy Manager of Department of Law and Risk Management – Wall Street Securities JSC

– Manage, be in charge of Department by the assignment of the Director of Legal and Risk Management;

– Undertake legal work of Wall Street Financial Corporation (Wall Street Securities JSC, Wall Street Gold Company, Wall Street Company of Urban Development): Participate in creating processes, procedures and internal documents of the companies in the Group; Represent company to resolve dispute with clients; Draft – control contracts of the Group;

– Represent company to disclose for Wall Street Securities Company under the authorization of the General Director;

– Other works: Create the labor regulations; Implement the risk management as assigned by the Board.

HANDICO Finance JSC – Deputy manager of Debt retrieval Department/ Deputy manager of Legal Department

-Help Manager in managing and operating activities of company; be in charge of handling bad debts of Debt retrieval Division, Legal Department;

– Construct operation model, functions and duties of Legal Department and the units of Compliance Controlling Division and Risk Management Division;

– Organize the development of regulations, procedures and guidelines relating to the work of handling debts; Be a member participating in the creation of Credit Manual of the Company; Control regulations, procedures and other internal documents that were assigned by Manager and Director of Compliance Controlling Division;

– Represent company to participate in legal proceedings/judgment execution to resolve disputes related to handling debts, settlement of theassetscoming from debts as authorized by the General Director.

– Join the Boards, Councils, Teams associated to the work of handling debts (Handling debts Board, Council of Interest Exemption and Reduction, Team of Invested assets Treatment and Withdraw…);

– Advise the Board of Directors on the legal issues and policies related to debt recovery work of the Company;

– Be responsible for legal consultancy to group of enterprise clients, Board of credit approval, the group of supporters of the Company;

– Control the contracts arising from the consultancy and legal aid units.

Have proficient skill in lawyer practice: (i) litigation in court in criminal and civil cases (inheritance, contracts transfer, real estate capital contribution …), commercial business ; (ii) consulting on the settlement of internal and business contract disputes; (iii) withdrawing bad debts of commercial banks; (iv) bad debts trading of commercial banks and financial institutions; (v) legal consultancy in the financial – bank sector.

Lawyer Luong Tuan Tu graduated Bachelor Degree from the School of Law – Vietnam National University, Hanoi; training course for lawyers in international trading; participated in the course of bad debts management organized by Vietnam Banking Association and is a member of Hanoi Bar Association.

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