Lawyer Nguyen Cong Danh


Tel:(+84) 86276.2950
Lawyer Danh are a member of the Vietlink Law Firm and a lawyer operate Vietlink Law Office in Ho Chi Minh City. Lawyer Danh has over 10 years experience in the fields of consultancy, practice law in Vietnam relating to domestic and foreign investment projects; Mergers and Acquisitions; Enterprise Law; Commerce; Real Estate And Construction; Intellectual Property; Contracts And Dispute Resolution. Before engaging in Vietlink law firm, Danh Lawyer has worked for some domestic and foreign law firms in Vietnam. With a long work history in the reputable law firms, Danh Lawyer has accumulated a lot of professional knowledge and practical experience in solving legal issues that companies can see, so, Danh Lawyer can help customers solve the problems arises follow a way most effective.
Areas of specialization that Danh Lawyer charge include: Foreign Direct Investment; Mergers And Acquisitions; Business And Commerce; The Contract; Real Estate And Construction; Intellectual Property; Litigation And Dispute Resolution.
Some prominent cases which Danh Lawyer consulted:
• Legal advice and procedures to establish 01 joint venture company operating in the field of Communications in Vietnam between a leading media company in Korea with a famous media company in Vietnam with investment value of $ 1 million.
• Legal advice for a merger and acquisition transaction( transfer of 70 % of shares) between a leading construction company in Japan and a construction company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with value more than $ 1.5 million.
• To participated in the process of negotiating and preparing contracts and necessary documents for the investment cooperation of a Real Estate Investment Fund to invest in the famous emporium project in Ho Chi Minh City with the investor is a top construction group in Vietnam with value more than $ 20 million.
• Consulting and drafting of Business Cooperation Contract between a real estate company and a bank to develop a real estate project on an area of 5 hectares in Ho Chi Minh City, with a total investment value of $ 30 million.
• Consulting and supporting the animal feeds company of Korea in the acquisition of a company operating in the same field in Vietnam with value of $ 2 million.
• Supporting for some Korean investors in establishing companies in Vietnam operates in the field of distribution and establishing the cosmetic retail stores in Vietnam.
• Advising and representing lawyers protecting the rights and interests of investors of the Complex 5 star hotel, luxury apartments Project in the dispute resolution of construction contract with construction company in the HCM City.
• Advising and representing investors in the dispute resolution with contractors during construction process of luxury apartments projects in HCM City with total dispute value of $ 7 million.