Labour and jobs

With professional and extensively experienced team in the field of legal consulting and labour dispute resolution of customers as domestic enterprises, foreign invested enterprise, domestic labours and foreign labours in Vietnam, we confidently consulting labour law services in Vietlink Law Firm will fully meet the requirements of enterprises as well as labours.

Consult services contents about labour and jobs in Vietlink Law Firm includes:

– Consulting, drafting and editing rules and regulations on labor in the enterprises;

– Consulting, drafting and editing labour contract, group labor agreements;

– Consulting and implementing requirements on request working regulations and group labor agreements rules;

– Consult on labour discipline, material responsibility and procedure of dealting with labour discipline;

– Consult on resolving mode for employees when terminating labor contract.

– Consult on labour recruitment and labour relationship;

– Consult on labour restructuring and redundant labour;

– Consult on reward mode, labour discipline, terminating labor contract;

– Consult on law of hiring foreign labours, procedure of foreign labours recruitment; consulting, drafting and editing  application dossiers of issuing work permit for foreign labours in Vietnam, implementing requirements on requesting work permit for enterprise;

– Consult on wage regime, personal income tax for foreign labours; requesting visa, temporary residence card for foreign labours;

– Consult on human resources management accorđing to requirement of enterprise;

– Consult on and represent  to protect the legal rights of the labours, the employers in disputation related to laying off labours, labours discipline, unilaterally terminate labor contract, strike, etc.

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