Dispute resolution

With the trend of dispute globalization, trade contradiction between transaction parties is unavoidable because of conflict commercial practices, conflict laws, cultural differences. With the advantage of extensive knowledge, understanding the law, commercial and business culture in Vietnam, Vietlink Law Firm’s lawyers play a vital role in helping the parties to mediate, resolve conflict on the basis of mutual interest and confidentiality.

Our firm of consulting lawyers service on settling dispute includes:

1. Consulting service on settling dispute

– Consult on related law regulations of dispute and the field of dispute.
– Consult on choosing methods of to settling dispute.

2. Representative lawyer service on settling dispute

– Consult, prepare to contact and negotiate with relevant parties about settling dispute.
– Organise to negotiate and reconcile the disputants.
– Exchange and guide clients to collect documents and evidence, provide information; directly collect documents and evidence through meeting related individuals, organizations and agencies.
– Authorized representative lawyers arrange to meet, exchange with conducting proceeding agencies, arbitration agencies to protect best for clients’ benefit and legal obligation.
– Consult, represent to settle dispute, protect clients’ benefits in front of court, arbitration and administrative agencies.

3. Service on consulting to settle dispute as well as representing to settle dispute

– Consult on and on behalf of settling contract disputes in the field of commerce and labour:
+ Dispute on labour contract;
+ Dispute on capital contribution contract, commercial invested contract;
– Dispute on investment contract, real estate contract;
+ Dispute on construction contract.
– Consult and represents to resolve civil litigation:
+ Settle litigation and disputation of civil constract: buy assets, borrow assets and lease assets.
+ Settle dispute related to family and marriage: resolve divorce, confirm blood relationship, adopted child and so on.
+ Settle dispute on inheritance and division of inheritance.
– Consult on and represent to settle other dispute, according to clients’ requirements.

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