Consulting or drafting contract requires lawyer must hold skills as well as in-depth understanding about related law regulations and practices in many sectors.

Our firm’s consulting lawyers can not only ensure customer benefits but also expect risks and change which may occour in the future to adjust the terms of the contract that be consistent with clients’ practical situation as well as law regulations.

Our consulting contract service helps clients to solve problems in various types of sector, including:

– Consult relevant law regulations related to the field of contract.

– Consulting signed contract, doing analysis as well as reviewing contract, agreement before signing and after signing.

– Drafting contract, reviewing contract drafts or agreements before signing as required.

– Consulting, being representative according to authorization to take part in negotiating as well as signing contract with partner.

– Consult to settle contract’s dispute: represent for taking part in negotiating, discussing when implementing contract encounters problems; being representativefor settling dispute in courts and arbitrations.

– Translate, interpret types of contract and relevant law documents and files.

– Other consulting services related to contract.

The field of contract that Vietlink Law Firm takes part in consulting and drafting includes:

-Distribution sector: purchase agreement, trade cooperation contract, agency contract, franchising contract

– Trade Promotion: financing contract, advertising contract

– Logistics: transportation contract, logisticscontract , warehousing contract

– Real estate: project transfer contract,lease/rental contract,brokerage contract, managementcontract, business cooperation contract.

– Construction: designcontract, construction contract, consultingproject management contract, general contract, ground clearancecontract.

– Finance: guarantee contract, pledge contract, mortgage contract, borrowing and lending contract.

– Enterprise: established company capital contribution contract,  entrusted capital management contract, merger contract, split contract, enterprise sharing contract, joint venture contract, share transfer agreement, transfer of capital and acquisitions.

– Labour: labour contract, confidentiality agreement, non-compete agreement, trainingcontract, recruitment.

– Intellectual Property: Consultant on licence contract, technology transfer contract.

Some typical transactions Vietlink Law Firm’s lawyers take part in consulting:

  • Consult and draft business constract between real estate company and investment company to develop real estate project in Hung Hoa, Tam Nong, Phu Tho with the scale of 10 hectares and the total investment value of 200 billion dong;
  • Consult and take part in negotiating and preparing construction cooperation contract with 02 apartment building in Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City between two parties of domestic company and foreign investment fund (cooperation transaction value is 1350 billion dong)
  • Consult and draft Investment Cooperation Contract between two parties of real estate company and specializing in investing activities company for jointly developing apartment project which has scale of 18 floors in ThanhXuan, Hanoi(total investment value is 300 billion dong);
  • Consult, negotiate and prepare contract as well as review necessary documents for investment cooperation. This project is for implementing Business and Apartments CombinationProject with total area of 3600 square (m2) in Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City between two parties of domestic real estate company and abroad real estate investment fund (cooperation value is more than 300 billion dong);
  • Consult, draft apartment sale contract and regularly consult law regulations which is related to develop condominium project in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi for the invester State Corporation, and at the present this project is handed over to the client;
  • Consult and draft business contract for company operating in the field of real estate in cooperatively developing real estate project with 02 apartment building in Cau Giay region, Hanoi (total cooperative value is 500 billion dong)
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